Tai Chi & Mandarin Solutions not only develops students’ abilities in speaking Mandarin and emulating Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu movements, but moreover provides access to the principles and development of long standing language, arts and culture. This approach contextualises students’ knowledge and stimulates them to explore Chinese language and culture in greater depth

Dapeng Wang


Mr Dapeng Wang migrated to Canberra from China in early 2000. He holds a degree in Sports from Shanghai Sports University and a postgraduate qualification in teaching English as a second language. Throughout his entire life in China, he engaged in the intensive study of both Chinese classic literature and Wushu (Tai Chi/Kungfu), Over the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to research in the fields of classical Chinese language acquisition and traditional Chinese health cultivation methods.

Dapeng has been inspired to connect himself to the Canberra community by the teaching of Wushu, Tai Chi, Chinese language and culture. He understands that the success of his teaching comes not only from the transfer of the subject matter itself but, just as significantly, from cultural exchange with his students and their enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Dapeng is a Special Award holder from the Grand World Wushu Competition in Shanghai in 1991 and a gold medal holder (traditional Wushu category) from the University Wushu Competition Shanghai in 1991. Dapeng has acted as a referee for International Wushu Competitions on a number of occasions and as a judge for the National Wushu Tournament in 1995.

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Taichi and Mandarin Solutions (TMS) is a member of Kung Fu Wushu Australia – ACT, a branch of Kung Fu Wushu Australia (KWA). KWA is recognised by the Federal Government, via the Australian Sports Commission, as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) governing Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai Chi) in Australia.


Mission Statement

At Taichi and Mandarin Solutions, our aim is to improve your Chinese language proficiency while simultaneously providing a deep understanding of the benefits of Taichi philosophy and practice. We will assist you to explore the richness of Chinese culture and its ancient texts, a wisdom that knows no national boundaries and which will show you the path to living a happy and healthy life.